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Livewell Pump Prime


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Any tips on keeping livewells primed or repriming them? Ive read that when they are above or at waterline you will have some priming issues. I believe on my 04 2200 TE I recently purchased they are right at the water line. I know they have all three worked but for some reason yesterday they gave trouble. Also what is the recipr switch for? Mine is not working but not sure what it is for. Thanks in advance!

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I also did the same as Fin-Addict by loosening the strainer cover a little to purge the air out. I seem to remember a post from way back before the forum changed that had a fix for this(I think for the same issue). It had something to do with plumbing a line to the livewell. I thought the fix actually came from Pathfinder but not certain.Anyone remember this? 

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When your pump is above the water line, you might experience air lock or inability to prime. If you have a sea-cock (shut off valve), then a strainer, then the pump all stacked on top of each other, you are probably above the water line. A simple fix is to put a 90 degree elbow on top of the sea-cock, then your strainer and pump are oriented horizontal instead of vertical. This will keep the pump below the water line. It worked for me.  If you decide to do this, use Life Caulk on all your threaded connections. When you use caulk, you don't have to make your threaded connections absolutely tight, which can cause a problem when trying to orientate the strainer and pump in a certain direction. Just thread them together hand tight and they will never leak. Also, orientate the removable strainer cup slightly down hill (about 45 degrees from level). This will allow the air to purge and the cup fill with water.

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