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New Federal Blue Fish Regs


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If you haven't heard yet there are new Bluefish Regulations from Maine to Florida. Former Regulations were at 15 fish per person, no size limit or seasonal restrictions. Scientist have reported Bluefish Overfishing. Although their "Stocks" remain good, continued Overfishing, both Recreational and Commercial will put the "Stocks" at an unacceptable level. The various NMFS Regions along with the 3 Regional Councils discussed three options. A Minimum Size at 14 inches, Seasons and Bag Limits.

After discussing all options and/or a combination of some, they came up with a 3 Fish per person Recreational Limit or 5 Fish per person on Party, Head or Charter Boats. They felt that Size restrictions would have favored the North where fish are bigger. Any possible Seasonal Restrictions would also favor the North, because the South has Bluefish over a longer period of time and therefore penalized. These are Federal Regulations, BUTTTTT it is expected that all States will adopt them for State Waters. So Folks 3 fish per person (5 for Head and Charter boats) for 2020. 

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On 1/9/2020 at 8:27 AM, whichwaysup said:

Its a fact that oily fish make a better smoked fish spread than less "flavorful" fish.  True for macks, anyway.  My Florida roots wont let me try a blue, but it seems like the further north you go, the more common the eating of them is.  Maybe cokd water makes em less nasty . . .

Like everything care/prep is key

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