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2020 Islamorada MOT


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6 minutes ago, CaptSam said:

How does this tournament work? Would love to get in on it this year!


It is a "FUNdament". More of a social event then necessarily a fishing tournament.

There are eligible species. EXAMPLE: Snook, red, trout, tarpon, bonefish, permit, snapper, grouper, (some more offshore fish)

Every fish you catch you receive points. Points get multiplied based on how you catch the fish.  Bait - 1X. Artificial - 1.5X. Fly 2X.

You win raffle tickets. Then they do a prize drawing at the end based on the tickets. No money. No tournament pressure. Simply GOOD FUN! Includes a couple meals and a open cooler with beer!

Seriously a GREAT time!


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As it stands today (if the Keys and BP are open)...  I am planning to still go to Breezy Palms that week...  I did the same at Tarpon Lodge and stayed away from people, caught fish and relaxed...   I'll see how this progresses...

WooHooo...  72 days and a wakeup...

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The manager Larry said that he would extend the reduced rates for us.  
It is a good opportunity for any member who wished to learn how to get to Flamingo and see Everglades National Park from the East side.. We can let you follow us so you can save a trail on your GPS.  Several channels have been closed (like Twin Key) and there are new routes to use.. 

My boat will be running offshore for Dolphin and spear fishing on the patch reefs.. Lobsters will be invited aboard. 
We should have the place to ourselves so bring folding chairs and a cooler with wheels. 

If any member had not been to the Keys, this is a perfect opportunity to see it all and shortcut the learning curve.. 

Shoot me a Message for any questions..


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