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Hard Top for T-Top


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Boat Hardtop for T-top 


This is a polymer and foam constructed hard top (similar to a rotomolded cooler) that has never been installed. It weighs approximately 55lbs and is light for the area it covers. I purchased this a few years ago with plans to build a t-top on my Pathfinder 2200V but I have decided to go in another direction. It’s been stored inside. 

It’s located in Bay St. Louis but can be moved easily. 

I can have it crated and shipped for reasonable costs due to my business. 

specs (all in inches)

Widest: 60.5 (back)

Narrowest: 52 (front)

LOA: 87.5

Ebox position: 16 from front; 15 from the sides; 49 from the back

Ebox size: 29 wide by 20 deep(approx) by 9high

Thickness: 1 1/8”


can provide more info and pics if needed. 





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So perhaps. I do know that it’s some type of poly material. So perhaps a certain paint may with proper prep. Also, I do know that this has the ability to be sanded, and polished to a possible shine. It’s not in that condition. The underside has a texture to it similar to a nonskid.  I could take some close up pics this weekend. 

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