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SOLD: T-Top Boat Shade Kit


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Laportes T-Top Shade Kit A-Class

Purchased July 2019 and used two days on my sold 2019 Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid. Perfect condition and very easy to set up. You can run on plane with this setup.

New cost is $603.73 delivered, I will sell for $400.00 shipped in CONUS.

This is an excellently designed very high quality made shade solution for the aft section of your boat.

See them here: www.ttopcovers.com

Their number is 843-760-6101 for questions including fitment on other boats besides the boat I bought it for. I suspect it will fit many bay boats with T-Tops that are either hard or soft.

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I've been getting some questions on this sun shade so here are some more details:

There are 5 forward attachment points with adjustable straps and Velcro wraps to keep the ends of the straps tidy. Two powerful suction cups are included that can be used as attachment points but I did not need these. I suspect canvas tops would not need them, hardtops without rocket launchers may.  The piping running across the rear of your top is where you attach the front of the shade to for canvas tops. I attached to my hard top's rocket launcher rod holders. There are two primary attachment points that you attach the rear of the top to the adjustable poles that fit into the rod holders. The top is grommeted at these points and have adjustable straps to chinch the rear of the shade to make it tight. The poles are very sturdy aluminum with a starboard type sleeve surrounding the ends that you stick in the rod holders. The poles do not wiggle in the rod holders and the starboard provides grip and protection, preventing the poles and rod holders from getting marred. You can independently adjust the poles that fit into the rod holders to maximize shade based on sun angle or keep both of the poles equal length. You can run on plane with this top. At the rear, there two additional loops that one could attach additional straps or lines for whatever reason but I don't think you would need to use these. Also, on both sides there are two loops each that you could tie to. The straps, loops, etc. are all of heavy duty nylon strap material with heavy duty snap clips - nothing is cheap with this setup. This shade top will fit other boats than the boat I ordered it for, the manufacturer can tell you if it will fit yours. There are excellent videos on the website that show how to install and detail the quality of the shade top. I would call the manufacturer for more specific details. I talked to them before I ordered and they were very helpful. This is a very high quality sun shade unlike some I have seen and owned. Compare it to a Birdsall Marine sun shade that will cost you upwards of $1000.

Please don't ask for silly discounts as my price is already less then 2/3 of retail for what is basically a new shade top. I predict interest will increase as we get out of winter. Payment by PayPal or I'll discount by 5% which means it would cost $380 (shipped) for payment by check. I will wait until the check clears before I ship. I will ship on the next business day for cleared PayPal payment. If you have a shipping preference between UPS or FedEx I can accommodate.

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