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Before I cut this console .......


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So before I get a wild hair and start pulling the console out for modification I thought I would ask a couple of questions. The first one is on a Hewes / Maverick small console what good is the front seat other than a front seat? I know it sits lower than a nice cooler would sit there but I am just so accustomed to having a cooler handy right there. I get the added storage but I’m not sure that trumps having a cooler up there. I’m sure not a lot of folks have made modifications or swapped the console out. 
 Just wondering if you guys had seen any mods over the years thanks.


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1 hour ago, redzone1 said:

On the Redfisher and 2 Mavericks I’ve had the console with the seat for me was useful for batteries location and I put the onboard charger mounted on the underside of the seat lid

Yep to above....and I put a 25 quart Engel Cooler on top of it and it works perfectly for what I need all day....

Bag of death on the stern...what more do you need :)



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Had the 21MA with both. Much prefer the the cooler seat. I had Frigid Rigid match the gel-coat for mine. "not cheap"


I can also set it on the front deck as a casting platform. It has the rubber feet and requires no tie down. It's heavy.


The only disadvantage is battery access in the console is tough but seldom do I need to get to them.

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