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Pathfinder 17T or other classic


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Hello all, 

My good friend used to have a PF and went to the owners tournament a few years ago in the Keys and had the time of his life.  We were supposed to go the year it was canceled due to Irma. Since then he sold his PF so we don’t have a boat for the tournament. I was thinking about picking up an older MBG boat to redo so we have a ride for these owner events.  I have a larger bay boat (25) so I’d like to find something to complement that on days we want to run North where it gets very shallow and rocky.  Lots of guys running the Texas style boats like shoal waters. 

I was hoping to get some information from y’all on classics to MBG.  

I’d like something with good bones so we don’t have to undertake a new floor or transom but other than that I’m completely open to suggestions. 

What shallow running classic would be cool to redo and bring back to life?

Thank you!

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5 hours ago, Iwannapathfinder said:

What shallow running classic would be cool to redo and bring back to life?


I owned a 17T and was going to do the same a few years ago.  However, I went in a different direction when I found my current Mistress a MA17 (doesn't run shallow).....

The 17T is THE SHALLOWEST RUNNING MBG EVER BUILT....hands down; however, they are not designed for open water or even a strong bay chop.  It's a fun skiff that you can just fish, get dirty and then pressure wash and put away....if that's how you want to use it.

If you want something not too expensive  - they can be found for rebuilds for about $7-8K...some have new stringers, others, do not...I'd go with a min of 60hp, you'll find some with a 50 and it's adequate...they most all have two strokes that will run forever....good fun....there was a really nice rebuild about a year ago on the micro skiff thread...it was a light blue completely redone....stunning...

They were built from 1998 or so to 2000, and are really a great skiff for what they are designed for.....backcountry, shallow, low chop, fishing...

I had a side console and really liked the design and extra room...

Good luck.....


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