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Random 2200v Q’s🧐

SW Skif

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Even the early 2000's were not that heavy.  If I remember correctly my 2002 bare hull is only 1200 lbs (just the fiberglass).  The early boats got some bad press for the cracks in the gelcoat.  So I think they started adding more fiberglass to reduce the cracking.  That is a guess on my part, but there was a lot of complaining.  I have some stress cracks but I would rather have a lighter hull than having the push around all the extra weight.

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On ‎1‎/‎24‎/‎2020 at 4:56 PM, frogfoot said:

•Do the do the late 90’s 2200v and Maverick 21 share the same hull?  No they are not the same hull.  21 is a padded pocket hull.  2200 is a pocket hull with no pad.  There are a few other differences but that is the main difference.   

•Is the same 2200v hull from the 90s used today? No it is not.  That hull was copied by many others but MHP does not produce it anymore. 

•First year for the 2200v? I pretty certain its 1999

• What’s the smallest console a 2200v came with? Thinnest console was in a tournament model

•When did the 2200v become heavier? When they went to the newer XL and built for four strokes


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