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1986 Hewes Stalker


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Here is my 1986 Hewes Stalker, The Redheaded Stepchild of the Hewes Family. I picked this up in December and have been doing my best to sort everything out while doing as much fishing as time allows (mostly quiet weeknights).

I spent some time with Joel & his Wife (Bob's Daughter) picking their brains of anything they remember about this model since there seems to be very little out there on the web about the Stalker.

Here is what I know so Far:

There were about 14 ever Made. Joel's wife recalls that they were almost [color:brown]all beige[/color] but mine appears to be the [color:blue]original color[/color] on the hull although the top was once ice blue but the previous owner gave it a pretty shotty coat of white.It was marketed as a very skinny & light model. It is what led Bob to design and build the redfisher. I don't know why so few were made. This was right around the time that Maverick took over Hewes boats so I don't know if it just faded away as a part of that transition or what.

On my To Do List:

Maybe Some New Yammy Power Got It !! Yamaha 90 is Hung

Rework the Area Under the Rear Deck, Remove Foam Add Support & Storage

Add Fibergl*** Cooler Flush with Front Deck Level

Add GPS/Sounder

Some Sort of Stereo, Probably Speakers under the Tower.

Convert all Lights to LED and Add one Pointing into my Baitwell.

Add the Boat's Name 'Truenative' of course

I'd Love to hear any Details anyone else has. Even any Hewes Stalker Stories. How about a Head Count? I know a forum member Subsurface has one. Is there anybody else who has or has owned one?

Thanks for all the Support and advice I've had here so far, I'm sure I'll need more. I love this forum! (kind of like that Country song 'I Love this Bar')









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Great Boat,and Great TRUCK, Where are you at in Lauderdale?? What color is the interior.

Thanks, I'm in downtown Lauderdale. I rescued the truck from a Haitian Exporter about 8 years ago. It was all loaded with Cr@p and had papers to get on the freighter when I bought it. The interior is Grey and in pretty good shape since I've always used seat covers. I don't drive it much anymore except towing the boat. At about 10/11 MPG its kind of like my girlfriend with a margarita in her hand at the Sandbar; She's pretty but she sure is THIRSTY! ;)

Squid: I think I'm going to go ahead and jump on that Yammy 90. I was thinking about getting new the Johnson controls for looks anyway so this solves that problem too. This should insure that the Stalker will get a little restoration and have a nice long life on the water.

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I hope you're liking the new yamaha. I put the same one on mine and noticed a big difference from the old 70, plus it starts now which is an added bonus. My port-side spray rail keeps coming out, so I need to redo it again and put some bunks on the trailer to prevent damage in the future. Just got a stereo, but haven't put it in. Speakers were previously mounted under the rear deck facing inward and under the gunnels. I'm thinking of gl***ing in the baitwells for less draft. I'd also like to take out all that foam up front.

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Have you done any work recently to your boat? I just spent a day working on my Stalker; intalled a stereo and a few other things that took way too long.

I am trying to decide if I should gl*** in the rear flooding baitwells for extra flotation. With the 90 hp and 3 batteries (2 for trolling motor, 1 starting) there is a lot of weight back there and it draws 12 inches, not to mention the water coming over the transom when coming off a plane.

I never use live bait, but thought a portable well behind the front deck would be a compromise and could be removed easily.

The deck on mine is rotting and has some nice-sized holes in a few places so that's got to be done sometime, just can't get motivated for that one.

Let me know if you've done anything to yours recently. I'm sure we could learn from each other.

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I have mostly just been fishing the boat as is but I think I'm getting pretty close to painting the top side and will be Reorganizing my Fuse panel and some wiring for my own sanity. I'd be interested to see how or where you mounted your Stereo too.

I think it would be worth moving at least the trolling motor batteries up front to help the Stern Sag from putting the 90 on. I think you'll find it will hop up on plane a little quicker too. The Previous owner of Mine Gl***ed in the Small Baitwell Holes leaving only a Drainplug in each and a Pvc Tube that dumps water into the one well while running. This can also be shut off.

The one thing I would caution you about with gl***ing in the wells is that they will fill up with rainwater or Backsplash if you don't have a Bilge Pimp in each of them since they don't connect to the main bilge otherwise.

I just talked to a Guy in St Augustine who just sold His Nicely Re-done Stalker on boattrader. He said he would send some photos of his finished project so we may get some nice ideas from that. He was raving about how shallow the draft was on his and he had a 115 hung on the back.

Post some more photos of yours if you get a chance too, I'd love to see some.

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That's a good idea about the batteries; maybe put them in the front hatch. There's not much space up there unless I take out all that foam, which I'm not sure helps anything anyhow.

My baitwells have a bunch of small holes in the bottom. I think I'm actually going to try this: Cut a 1/2" piece of starboard, make a double gasket around the edge with 4200, mount the starboard from the inside onto the floor of the baitwells w/ bolts and wingnuts. If this works, and it probably won't, it will allow the baitwells to be dry unless I want to flood them and use them and I can take out the false floor from the inside. If it doesn't work I'll just be left with a bunch of holes in the floor anyhow.

I'll have to post some pictures soon. The stereo I got has a "wired commander" so just a screen is mounted on the outide. The main part of the stereo is mounted underneath where you sit when driving.

I saw that Stalker for sale on boat trader; do an advanced search for Hewes and Stalker. There's only one small picture, but looks good. Center console with a nice paintjob.

Do you still have all that foam up front? It would be nice to take that out.

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i dig the small side console..... how is it driving from the side in a hewes with low sides? TN, do you think trim tabs would improve the boat? just curious... i know i couldn't imagine mine without them, but i have used the boat when they didn't work without problems.

i feel like mine is a stepchild as well, with the tunnel and sponsons.... and kinda looks like a stalker. i can flood the port side hatch on mine, but usually keep it dry... thought of turning it into another live/bait well, but don't like the idea of cutting in all that plumbing... and i don't know if i would get much use out of it...

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i think a guy .........terry.......at tip top toppers, in fort lauderdale a place that sells truck bed caps/toppers, on copans road near west dixie has one, with a 70 evinrude.

might be worth a drive by to see if he still has it...been a couple years since we have seen that one!


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Are you measuring from the Lower tip of the V at the back? I just want to make sure I measure at the Same Place. From the way my boat sits I think that moving the Batteries Up front is the Right move. My are Currently in the Back but I have been wanting to Move them.

Let me know where you are measuring and Have a look at mine asap. I'm interested on how it will compare. I was also interesting if you have done any floor work to yours? I'm thinking of Pulling up my floor and having a look at the stringers and Possibly replacing water damaged wood and the Decking with a Closed Cell foam core rather than wood.

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I was measuring from the tip of the V.

My floor is pretty rotten and spongy as well. I'm sure it will be necessary to replace it at some point but it looks like a real pain to me since I have little fibergl*** experience. I did stick my camera through one of the accesses to the floor. That camera really showed me what I couldn't see otherwise and I blew it up on the computer. If I remember, there's only one stringer that goes right down the middle, and none that go from side to side. Maybe it would be more solid with some reinforecements.

I know if a boat wave hits from one of many angles, feels like the boat is going to shake apart!

Any thoughts on taking out all that foam up front? The previous owners took it out of the back and it gives a lot more storage. Maybe it would mess with the solidness of the hull, I don't know.

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Sorry for the delay, I measured yesterday. 9" with empty baitwells and 9-1/2" Full baitwells and 1 guy. I think I could improve this 1" or so with better balance of weight to the bow.

It sits about 11" in 'expedition mode' with an overfilled cooler, full tank of fuel, tackle, extra battery & 5 Gal jerry-can and 3 guys

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I have an '88 stalker, owned since '92. I have replaced the floor on mine without taking off the cap. Basically the floor from the gas tank up front to the back deck. If/when you pull up your deck you will most likely find that the plywood that was used was not gl***ed on the underside,,, mine was like wet cardboard and the foam was the only thing supporting the floor. As for the stingers mine had 3 that run length wise and none that were side to side. Mine were in good shape but I added to them fibergl***ing wood to both sides of the original stinger kind of like a sandwich, it worked out great.


I’ll try to dig up some pics of the rebuild, give me a few days.


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