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Maverick HPX-T 15hrs


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On 3/24/2020 at 7:16 AM, geeviam said:

Wow!  I can't believe someone from Texas or Charleston hasn't grabbed this one yet!  This motor is barely past the break-in, and not even loosened up yet!  What's the draft on a HPX-T?


1 hour ago, Donh said:

Owned one. Very shallow. If that’s a consideration you don’t need any less imo. 

When Capt Donh used to let me run the "T"....we had a few stories.....one of my best was when DonH and I were running South off the 10K's....we were heading to Semimonle point on a negative low...I was running the T, we were about 1 mile off shore, so I wasn't paying attention....I was rock'n to Lady Gaga on the stereo and Don pokes me and yells, "Hey, are those birds standing up there? "  Holy trim the motor and lift the tabs BATMAN !!!!.....we literally ran over standing birds (no-one was injured :)  and then just as I thought we were "ok"....we heard the secret call of Chokoloskee - woooo woooo wooooo and then the scraping of the sand....we were standing in in just about shoe high water and we got her to "float" without the fat captain (me) and captDonH out....he weighs less :) but, we had to push a bit, then on our way.

Do they run shallow ??? Heck yeah !!! but you do need water (LOL)....they do better in black-country 10K mud because you can slide a bit longer :)  That's another story :)



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