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Fastening Acrylic panel to console


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Hey all! Boats back from glass guy. Looks fantastic! On to the next project of fastening new black acrylic panel to my console and installing new electronics. What is the best way to fasten it? Screws into the fiberglass or through bolting? Also, should I use some dabs of 4200 in between for added adhesion? Here’s some pics of the console bare now and the acrylic panel. 





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I would use sealant around the edge and probably through bolt it. I would also try to counter sink the screws. I’m not sure it will work on acrylic but try to run the drill in reverse to countersink. I do that on gelcoat   Before sinking a screw. It might work for you and the bit will not bite in and crack the glass . If not use a wood block to stet your depth. Cut a block the length of the bit chucked in the drill minus the cutting edge of the bit. Should make a nice little dish for the screw head to rest in. 

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When drilling the acrylic you must use a small pilot hole and increase the diameter  in incriments.  Do not go from pilot hole to the final size without small increments.  For counter sinking just buy the correct size countersink bit. Use good sharp new bits. Cheaper than a  new piece of  acrylic.  

Keep the paper on both sides until  everything is  cut and drilled. 

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Thanks for the info guys. I will be through bolting with #10 flat heads and nylon lock nuts/washer. Just got in a set of acrylic drill bits. my new dilemma: I want to put the Garmin 942 on the right side. This leaves the fusion radio and vhf to go on the left. only issue is having the wire from the handheld on the VHF drape over my Suzuki gauge. Any suggestions/ideas on how to deal with this?

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12 minutes ago, smilemaker said:

How often do you  actually  use the vhf?

If its main purpose is  for  emergency I would put it under the console. Many good ideas on placement underneath. 

smilemaker…. you're making me smile!! Never thought about that. Its for safety and that's it. Thanks for the tip

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Thanks all. Here’s what I did today. 
-drilled/counter sunk all holes 

-#10 bolts with washer/lock nut (This was a pain bolting the top row!!)

-siliconed the edges prior to putting on

- next is Cut out/electronics placement

-don’t mind the SS finish but I may tape off and shoot with some primer/black rattle can now that they’ve been torqued down 

-I wanted it to be secure b/c when I cut the hole out for the 942xs, there’s not going to be a lot of fiberglass left on that side. 

-my next hurdle is placement of my VHF. I hate how the wire drapes over the switches. I’ll be moving over to the left side. Anyone ever mount the VHF on the little space above the cup holders? See pic w/blue below. 






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On 2/18/2020 at 9:25 AM, HoneyB said:

Honesty if you are going to glue it I would try to get away with one in each corner. Once you mount your electronics they will hold the panel in place. If you like the thought of screw or bolt I would do one each corner and one in the middle top and bottom and call it a day 

X2 on the screws. As far as the wire goes can’t it be run on the inside and come through where it won’t be blocking the gauge. My wrong, your talking about the mike cord, correct. Nature of the beast. See photo

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2 hours ago, HoneyB said:

Would you consider mounting your gps to the right and your vhf to the left on the new panel

Most seen are on the left. Could mount on right of course if helps with the mike cord. Both sides are good. It’s what you like and works best for you. GO ROUGE break the trend. You have my full support. 😀️ Fin

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The new black panel looks great. May I make one suggestion, when I installed my new gps I had to use a piece of black starboard to cover the old cutout and then installed the new gps. I hated the way the silver screws stood out where the oem switch/gauge panel uses black one and looks so much better. I recently painted the screws black and the whole area looks so much better imo.  Before and after. Used a paint pen so I did not have to back the screws out.





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