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White or black?


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Okay, this is stupid but bugging me, so Ill put it out there for a vote.  


I ordered the Cuda Customs cup holders for my MA aftee searching high and low for an option that was out of the way and would last.   Really pleased with the construction and placement.


However, I ordered black to match the rod holders and they sent me white ones.   I hate to make them switch them out, since the white look fine, but having slept on it, I am wondering if I should have stuck to my guns and had them send me the black I originally requested.  


What do y'all think?  Black or white?


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Black.  Besides just on principle I would have them send me what I actually ordered.  They can also pick up the postage cost to ship these back, or if they are a really cool company, you keep these and they send you the black ones you ordered too.  By the way if they do this, I will take your white ones off your hands, they match my boat.

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So what y'all are saying is that the white looks fine, keep it, eh?   

Thanks all.   The white ones will go back, the black ones will go on the boat.   Bernie, good call, I need to replace that thing anyway, the back keeps coming out and then the cord goes slipping into the console, which then requires me to contort myself into a pretzel to retrieve it.   

Southern Wake, you're not playing by the rules, man.  WHITE OR BLACK.  You REALLY think I need more options to confuse me?  


Matt Q4R, how many of these things do you need on your boat?   It was your boat that clued me into these things!   They did offer to pay for the shipping of the white ones back, and I'll be taking them up on it.   

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