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Not a good sign

Capt. Troy

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I do agree with this. Things are in bad shape. It is killing business for me even with catch and release customers. The perception of this is there are no fish to catch.


I hope it helps but the issues are far greater than the harvest rates of law abiding recreational fisherman.🤔



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This is such BS! The recreational sector puts so much money into the Florida coffers and we can’t keep a single red, snook or trout for over two years while the commercial sector takes and takes ridiculous limits year after year. Maybe we should stuff our hard earned dollars into DC and FL lobbyists’ back pockets instead of into the tax pool and the regs would be more lenient, fair, and rational. Seems to work for the other group.

Or, maybe we should “catch and release” the insane number of people we allow to move into the state every day, depleting our resources.


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21 minutes ago, DavisIslander said:

I wish we could limit the number of folks moving to our state but alas, "it's a free country"!

I'm frustrated as well, but trust me, commercial folks are not taking Redfish, Snook, or Trout either.  I plan on driving North to Hernando to at least try to bring home a Red.  Miss eating Snook and Red.  Not much for Trout.


For clarification, I know commercial fisherman are not taking reds, snook and trout. But they do beat up other species. Was just hinting at the hypocrisy.

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Not a good sign for the charter sector even for catch and release clients.

Doesn't make for a very good perception of the fishery to have emergency closures for the 3 most popular inshore fish.

Hard to catch and release what would be perceived as missing in action.


If I were researching a fishing trip it might make me think twice about where to spend my money.


Fishing capital of the world.🙄

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