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Resealing cockpit drains RF18 Lappy


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I’ve been hunting for source of leak into bilge for some time.  I periodically recaulk the drain pipes with 5200 so I didn’t think that was it.  I decided to pull out the pvc pipes/drain tubes and found water with wet foam limited to that small area.   I excavated 360 and need to reseal.  I’m thinking West G-flex epoxy would be good then 520 the new pvc in.  Thoughts?

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1 hour ago, fishcamp said:

I am replacing mine with Moeller tubes from Jamestown Distributors. The tubes are 1 inch brass with a flange on one end. They sell a flange tool to put a flange on the other end after it is installed. 

Fishcamp, please post some pics of that, would like to see your progress!

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I will, but it will be a while. First project is to pull the entire cap for new fuel tank, wiring, plumbing, inner hull paint, and additional flotation. I have already ordered the tubes and tool. I will install them for the engine well also. The quality is really nice. Just a little 3m behind the flanges and they should never need any more attention.

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