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Thru-Hull Fittings


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I bought a 2004 2200TE last year and I am starting to gather parts to do repairs before the spring.  My boat is up on the rack right now so I can't look at it.  One of the 3 livewell thru-hulls has been "modified" using a plastic ball valve from home depot. I want to replace the plastic parts with the correct pieces but I can't really remember what all is supposed to be there.  I know I am missing the strainer and the ball valve.  But I think there was some kind of union between the thru-hull and the ball valve.  Can anyone help me with a part number for the union or ball valve?  I found the strainer on mbggear.com.




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My 22 Pathfinder has threaded brass pipe going into brass ball valves and no strainers...we don’t have any grass in water issues in South Georgia so I took the strainers out when I re-plumbed my two live wells....it’s been 6 years now and I’ve had no problems....attached is a picture of the same type brass ball valves I used.  I hope this helps. JJ


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Good looking job. Hope this works for you. If you start having problems with air-lock or priming, rotate the strainers about 75 degrees to left or right, so that the bottom of the strainers (which are pointed up in pic) are pointed slightly down hill. This will allow the air to escape and the strainer fill with water.

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