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Transducer Location


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Here’s where I mounted the ducer. In the same spot as the original one. You guys think depth is ok? Plan to test in a few days. I left some room to be able to go lower if needed. Used 4200 for screws. Side note, how the heck do I edit the photos so they don’t go sideways sometimes???!!!!!



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20191013_171010.thumb.jpg.5ce06b1509c56ca0dd0b6abb8209a2df.jpgMany people have been having  good  results placing it in the pocket.

Take a straight  edge and draw a line on the pocket transom from one outside corner to the other. This will give you a triangle with the  plug at the bottom. Install the transducer as far to the right side as possible being aware of the curve in the triangle.  

It may sound  strange but you can  mount it to the top of the pocket  using a piece of  pvc board.

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I have a older HDS 12, so it has two transducers.  The standard transducer is mounted near the drain plug and the side scan transducer is mount on the transom.  But the side scan transducer will only read a slow speeds.

If you have an all in one transducer, I’ve had good luck mounting it near the drain plug.

After taking this picture, I replace the cracked anode.


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4 hours ago, East Coast Dave said:

AntonRX. I have mine where you have yours and I lose the reading at higher speeds.   Thinking about trying to move mine to the pocket. 

Thanks for input. Still haven’t had chance to put boat in the water. Hoping it’s like my previous one and works well there. 

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