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I have a 2011 pathfinder 2200 TE XL with a 250 SHO the boat came with 2 cranking batteries and 2 group 24 trolling motor batteries. I would like to change the trolling batteries to group 31’s bu there isn’t enough room under the console with the 2 cranking batteries in there. So my question is can I get away with one cranking battery and what wiring do I have change to do that. Any info would be appreciated thank you in advance Bob Ruf

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Yes you can but you need to investigate what system you have now. I would guess in 2011 you have 1 2 or both switch. That would mean you are likely running the house equipment on the starting battery anyway. 
if you happen to have a switch with on then 1&2  as only two selections you could have the second battery acting as a stand alone house battery. 

for option one yep pull the extra starting battery and add your trolling motor batteries. 
 The next question is do you want to jump one of the trolling batteries to be the backup or simply Carry a jump pack for back up. If you want to use a trolling motor  battery run the positive to position 2 on the switch and tie the ground from that same battery in with the boat system. If battery 1 fails switch to battery 2 and start your engine. 

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