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2500 max speaker size?


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I have a pair of 7.7's in the front pre-drilled area and another in the back under each flip up seat.  Then I have a pair of 8.8's on eiather side of the console.  They are driven by a JL 400/4 and a 600/6 amp.  Sounds great.  I do thin the 8.8 will fit in the back, just very tight.

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Thanks PB.... I got 4 7.7's just wanted to make sure those were good for fit.  Can you or anyone confirm the speaker wires are already run to the front?  I know ive seen the rear wires already run on boats on lots that dont have speakers installed but I dont see a way to see in the front area.

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On 4/2/2020 at 10:03 PM, smilemaker said:

The 7.7s are nice but the 8.8s are in a different  league.  7.7s you can get by with 100 watt each but the 8.8s are going to want 200 watts each and will blow you away. 

Yep I had a 400w JL amp powering a pair of the 8.8 and they loved it. 

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