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Pathfinder 2300HPS

Bill Ragon

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I need some help with loading my boat on the trailer. I put the two shortest bunks about 2" under water. When I load my boat on the trailer it is completely up against the front roller, by the winch, and then pull boat out it goes back about 1-2". I have tried different depths of the trailer with out any change. I am disappointed with my Pathfinder because the hull has gotten really scratched up from loading on the trailer. I have checked my bunks, but there doesn't appear to have any hard surfaces. I always back far enough in to wet both bunks. 

Thanks for the help,




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It is an Ameritrail. The winch stand was loose when it was delivered. So I tightened up where it was. Which was as far as it could go to the Stern. I can see marks on the trailer where it could have started before it slid backwards.  I loosened it and moved it about half way back toward the front and locked it down. Do you think I need to go further forward? Next time I am going to back down less in the water. I love the boat but I am disappointed the runners so easily scratched the bottom.

thanks, Bill

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Hmmmm.  A number of issues come to mind.  NCTribute is right, definitely check the bunks for sand, staples, etc.  Regarding the scratches on the bottom.   Do you ever pull the boat up onto a sandbar or beach?  If so, try anchoring just off the beach and wade in.

The reason the bow eye is up against the roller, then moves back 1-2" when you pull up, is that the stern of the boat is still floating while you are backed all the way down the ramp.  When you pull up, the stern settles down on to the bunks and "leavers" the bow back a little.  Just crank it up when you pull away from the ramp to the "loading/unloading" area on flat ground.  Do you have a 2-speed winch on the trailer?  If not, invest in one.  The low gear makes it very easy to crank the boat up to the roller, even on dry land.  There will be no reason to "power load", i.e., drive the boat all the way up to the bow roller using a burst of power from the engine (and dredging a hole at the end of the ramp). This is mine...


One other thing.  Be very careful not to back down too far!  It sounds counterintuitive but if you back down too far, the bow may come in UNDER the bow roller thereby hitting the metal under there and doing some damage.  The reason for this is the when you are backed down the right distance, the front of the boat contacts the bunks and IS LIFTED UP OVER THE BOW ROLLER. Back down too far and no lift occurs and the bow may come in too low.

How far?  With my TRS 2200 and Ameritrail trailer, backing down until the fenders are about 1-2" ABOVE the water works well for a ramp of average steepness.  I run the boat up to 12 inches from the roller, then crank it up the rest of the way with the (2-speed) winch.  Why ram into the bow roller under power.

Good luck!

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