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Ping Pong Ball Scuppers


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Hey guys, got a quick question for the board. I purchased a 2005 Pathfinder 22 last summer that had Rabud Scuppers on it already. Fished this weekend and the cockpit was filling up with several inches of water. I checked the scuppers when I got home and sure enough they were cracked and the drain lines clogged. My question is are Rabud the best brand? Also does anyone know where to purchase them? Also would it make sense to remove the rubber flap in the drain line to let water flow better? I assume I need the larger size for my boat





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Gemlux makes a floor drain that uses a ball stop similiar to the way that raybuds work. It is very similar to a floor drain that was in an old Renken center console that I owned. The system worked well and was easy to maintain. 

The gemlux drain seems to be larger and this may make it possible to retrofit in the old 2200TE, but the big question is how much room exists between the  floor and hull in the corner.

If it would fit it would be a big improvement for dry feet.


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