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Live well Pump 2200v

SW Skif

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My new to me '99 2200v came with a 500 gph Rule live well pump (center well).  Did the 99's come with a 500 or 700?

If I ever need to replace the 500 can the 700 be used with similar results OR should I stick with the 500 ?

I have a feeling this is kinda splitting hairs, but i'm finding the 700 is available in my area while the 500 i'd have to mail order.



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Frog foot. Q question please. I broke the handle off my livewell shutoff and need to replace the plumbing from the sea chest to the pump and the pump.  I wonder if you did this. I don’t have any problem doing it except for the  riser to the 90 elbow connector to the sea chest.  Is this just a standard old run of the mill 3/4 connection?  Don’t want to get in there only to find a special part is needed.  Thanks Hutch

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Ive had my 2200v since August ‘19.  I cant really answer your question with 100% accuracy. I can tell you that there are some serious Pathfinder gurus here.  Hopefully they (Bamaskeet is one) chime in.  Be sure to list your model year.

I can tell you that my piping is 3/4, so the sea cock and strainer housing are the same.  

Good Luck!


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