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1978 18' Maverick / berg


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There is wood in the structures of the original Berg boats. Stringers/transom. Have a competent person evaluate the strength remaining. Some were garaged, and retain strength. Some owners drilled holes and screwed stuff into the hull.

That Suzuki is a heavy motor for that old hull. They were built for 2-strokes.

They were among the very first 'flats boats' built.

Post up some pics ! Not many of the Berg boats left !


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alright so the deck is shot in it, the transom is gonna need a good inspection boat has a 110 evinrude on it that runs. If I put a trolling motor and the batteries in the forward compartment is that enough to offset the weight. The john motor is 310 pounds from what I can find and the Suzuki is 410.

can I offset the weight, is a 140 to much power?

the work isn't a problem, have built a few boats in my time ;)

the last pic is after I scrubbed this turd down a little





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Foam, inside the hull, will have no affect on the hull's ability to handle more weight. It will help the hull float if water gets inside the gunnels but that's it. Unless the hull's displacement is increased, wetted surface area, the weight carrying capacity will remain the same.

Any weight added to the inside of the hull will decrease the load carrying capacity by the equivalent amount, whether it's buoyant material or not.

Like the muscle car dudes say: "there's no replacement for displacement"

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I settled on a 115 2stroke yamaha that was clean , I scooped up a console and some other odds and ends.  The boat is in Stuart florida at Durite boatworks and Randy is gonna pull it apart very shortly.  Does anyone know how the cap is secured to the hull? is it just tabbed down or is it bedded in some form of putty?  goning back with the console in the center and trolling motor for now.  

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On January 4, 2016 at 6:04 PM, billythekid said:

I don't do 2 stroke power. I haven't since 2000!

and I wouldn't own a Johnson or evinrude.....

To answer your question the one on the boat does run, I am doing a compression test on it this week and gonna fire it up on a aux tank.

anyone in the market for a 89 Johnson 110hp and controls

Ahhh...the smell of Yamalube in the morning! Good call on the change of heart I think. Course my 2 stroke just turned 20 so I am prejudiced a tad.

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ok a couple more things,   I got my hands on a 24v 60" Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motor.   I am working on a power pole.    what size trim tabs should be put on this boat?    Should I do the shark eye bow lights or the ones in the side of the console, I figure the trolling motor is going to get in the way of the bow light.    Anyone know the guy that does the rope wrap on the steering wheels?  I used to have the number but can not find it anymore.  

deck was cut out of the boat and stringers look good.   in the next couple weeks the boat will be soda blasted and then dissasembled




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After the boat was gutted the stringers were check for moisture and rot. surprisingly  they were solid and dry.  also the top cap was dry as a bone and still solid.  It probably helped that there were no penetrations in the top cap at all.      


alright they have installed the new coosa board transom and it is concrete solid. transom was laid up with a bunch of layers of 1708 and 1.5 oz mat inbetween. 

after that they did the template for the floor  to transfer it to the h80 Divynacell floor,   the template is made out of 1/8" luan plywood ripped into 2" strips  then its is shaped with a jig saw, sheetmetal shears and glued together with a hot glue gun.  its then transfered to the Divynacell to make a almost perfect fit. 






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