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08 24TE rod locker hardware


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Happy New Year guys!

On todays outing my port rod locker strut came loose, upon further inspection the ss bracket bolted to the front hatch for the gas strut ball mount has broken the weld.

Anybody by chance now of a replacement for it? Brand etc, I tried the search engine and the folks at my local (Insert comp*** heading) marine supply are clueless. Flounder pounder is around the block from me but closed at the moment.

I have looked at most of the known supplier sites and can't seem to match the mount up. The strut and top bracket are fine its just the end bolted to the front of the locker.

Maybe Skip or Ray can help????



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I had some corrosion problems with mine (explained in another post). I know you are looking for a part quickly, but if that doesn't work out,you can get the model # and manufacturer off the strut. Sometimes the factory uses struts from one vender and the mounts from another vender. Call the manufacturer and give them the exact dimensions of the mount and the location of the bolt holes. They were extremely helpful when I needed parts.

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