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anti-theft measures


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guys....just a quick post to remind you...

when you pour your money and heart into these things, make sure you protect them....keep 'em locked up, outta sight, insured properly, these are cool, one of a kind craft, with lotsa goodies (electronics, push pole, etc.)....

to me anyway, mine isn't something that can just be replaced ....it would be hard to do that....

one of my cop friends (ooops....sorry, LEO) was talking about how, at least in our area, boat theft is on the rise. and not just the usual miami speedboat kind of stuff....any specialized craft (ie:technical poling skiff)....i bet this is always an issue in south fla.

our collective theory was that so much incoming stuff is being checked and scrutinized these days, that no one much cares what is leaving our country.....makes sense when you think about it....

i have a heavy duty lock that goes into my ball socket on the tongue of the trailer, as well as a regular lock through the latch....i have a heavy duty cable i run around through the wheels and trailer frame, and this is all right behind dad's shop.....where no one really knows it's there....

of course it is insured.....but that only covers the expense :)

what do you guys use to protect your machines from the dirty stinking rotten thieves of the world?


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I moved from south florida and keep mine in the garage unless I am on a fishing trip. I got insurance and hope for the best. Joe R

If a true theif wants your boat....no garage, chain, lock, etc. is going to stop them...

I read several posts on the Fla Sportsman that indicates the guyz that are stealing the Sea-Vee's and Contenders are backing into the side yards and storage locations armed with...

1.) Acetalyne (sp) torches

2.) Generators to run compressors and high speed cutting tools

3.) SAWz-All's to cut the engines off the transoms

From what I've read, they can back into a yard, cut all the bolts, wires, and cables in less than 5 minutes and be gone.....

Locks are a good "deterent" to someone who is on a let's go steal something spree for cash...but, it'll be butter to someone who really wants what you have.......

Insurance and pictures is the best security.


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I have the same three lock system on my PF...and it's next to my house and my next door neighbor is a nosey old coot that's always looking around for people that don't belong...plus my neighbor accross the street is a LEO and she parks her car facing my house.

The rest is just hoping nobody wnats my boat bad enough...

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Make it as difficult as you can; padlock on the hitch lockdown, receiver lock, cable lock (more diffucult to cut than chain) on th wheels and whenever possible, out of sight. There are quite a few devices out there specifically for boats from companies like Hammerlock Industries and others that are pretty effective.

Boat theft is up dramatically across the country, especially in Florida. Its not just Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, the Naples/Ft. Meyers area has been getting hit very hard lately. When I get hot sheets of statewide boat thefts it shows thefts from all over the state. PWCs still make up close to 50% of thefts nationwide and large center consoles are a favorite target also; especially in South Florida and Southwest Florida. Some of the more organized rings actually "take orders" looking for certain engines/parts that end up overseas or with some of the less than honest mechanics out there.

Out of sight, out of mind, use multiple locks, know your nieghbors.

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I noticed that someone mentioned that they have their boat insured. How would you insure a boat if it was gone? I know that some things can be insured for replacement value, but with the prices going up all the time and my boat being a 1981 hull the most valuable thing about it is the new engine. I would not want to replace it as a good replacement would be a Maverick Master Angler (So I guess that we would be talking about real $$$ here)

At what point does the insurance become too expensive??

I have my boat in a where-house that is what might be call a not too nice an area of town and I always had a question in the back of my mind that could be a problem. And yes it does come to my driveway sometimes behind a automatic gate that is quite heavy.

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I have mine fully insured with a national boat insurnace company but imagine the pain I have to get a new boat over from the USA. I always have a lock on the ball connection when not towing.

But the best I have found is a fenced property and Terradog.

55 kilos of Bull Mastif / Great dane / Bull Arab

with the pulling power of a F-truck and the bark / bite of a F350 yammy with a Ebony Mule power tech prop.

The guns are no good unless you are home to use them. ;)



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I saw "steal to order" mentioned and that made me think of the cover I put over my engine when I am away. I don't want anyone knowing where they can get a lower unit if they need one, or even the size of the engine. I have the boat under my condo in a gated community, not that this is any guarantee. The tarp I cover it with does hide what it is from visitors.


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