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12' talon mounting bracket on RF18


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I mounted mine on the left side. The main reason being, I need to add a dive ladder.

Installing the dive ladder on the right side is much easier than on the left. Since the right side is the rigging compartment, and requires only cutting some small fibergl*** lining used to mount battery switch.

The left side is the livewell and would have to a cut and install a pie hole access plate on that side. I didn't like that idea.

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I got a 10' Talon for Xmas and will be mounting it on my RF18 (as soon as the snow leaves and temps come up).

I'm going to mount it on the starboard side. My port side aft has a release well with overflow and I don't want to drill through it with the mounting bolts supplied.

The starboard aft is a rigging compartment where the starting battery used to be.It is now vacant and has insulated power stand offs coming from the battery selector switch going to the motor.This is where I'll hook up the Talon power cable power. All I need to be careful about is not to hit these power cables when drilling through the hull.

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