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Props to PowerTech


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Add me to the list of satisfied customers. It took Marcus a nano second to blurt out exactly which prop I needed for my 2004 2200 w/ 2.6L 200 Vmax (OFX4 R 19 P CLYX 200 15 1/4" ported 3/8).

Purchased the prop from Marc Frankel at http://www.worldwidemarinesupply.com/ and wet tested her this past Saturday. The boat performed perfectly and hit 53 mph at 5500 rpm with a full tank of fuel, full fresh water WD tank, and two big guys. Testing conditions were not ideal, so I think I could have gotten a tad more out of her.

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WooooooHooooooo!!!!! Thank you for your oh-so-kind words AND for joining the PowerTech! family, Ghost!!!!:D That's AWESOME!!!!!!! :thumbup: :content:

If I can ever be of service to you in any way, please, do not hesitate to rattle my cage any ol' time, m'friend!! You're family, now, and ya just GOTTA take care o' family, baby!!!!

As for repairs, Red, yes, indeed, sir!!!! They can be repaired and/or modified quite extensively. To be honest, though, although we do repairs, it's not really our bailiwick, since most of our production capacity is maxed-out on building new product. Consequently, we may not be the quickest, nor the least expensive. The good news is that there are a ton o' shops out there that could do a fabulous job for you.

Lucky for you ;) , I just happen to be on the board of directors for a geeky little propeller organization called The National Marine Propeller ***ociation!?!?! :o :crazy: The NMPA is a professional organization that serves to address the specific needs and interests of propeller repair facilities and we even offer a certification process to help ensure that they're up-to-snuff on the latest repair and modification techniques. We're a small, but p***ionate group o' propeller heads. :P

If you'd like, feel free to search for a shop near you using the NMPA's interactive map Link . The best news is that are a ton o' NMPA certified shops throughout the great state o' Florida, so you girls'n'boys are up to your armpits in us!!! :blush: :D Heck, there's probably one right around the corner from ya!!!

Well, I hate to do another post-by, but it's still wild'n'wooly in Propeller Paradise, gang!!!

Happy Monday!!!!


The Miami-Boat-Show-Bound-Half of the Hydrodynamic Duo :cool:

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Thanks to the advice of this forum and a very helpful discussion with Marcus of PowerTech, I just pulled my OFX4 R 17 P prop off my 2005 Pathfinder 2200 V TE with a Yamaha F150 and dropped it off at Admiral C&B in Tampa to be tuned.

The prop appeared to be in good shape with no dents or dings so we'll see if there is any change in performance. At the very least, it is a good maintenance practice.

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