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New-to-Me 2000 Bayfisher


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One of my neighbors had a flats boat sitting on the side of his house for years. It was covered, and I could only tell it was a flats boat because of the poling platform.

I had never seen the boat move and had never seen the home owner outside.

After a severe thunderstorm blew through our area, the cover finally tore enough where I could make out the Hewes logo on the boat.

I just could not sleep at night knowing that sweet skiff was just sitting there.

Quickly posted my Scout 187 for sale, and once it sold I was ready to go “all in” on trying to buy the Hewes.

I approached the homeowner, and after some tough negotiations brought this dime home on Friday.

 Motor is in good shape, but is long overdue for service. Gauges need to be restored. Trailer is shot.

Yes, someone put their personal touch on the Logo...but, hey I kinda like it, as I spent a lot of time in Mobile while going to college at University of South Alabama.

Cleaned her up Friday night - got all of the mold and mildew and moss and algae out of the nooks and crannies.

Letting everything get dried out before I go poking around too much more. Hoping the restore won’t take too long, as fishing will be really good here soon.











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On 8/5/2020 at 3:54 PM, Sallow Minded said:

Great find! How much did ya get her for? Man it looks like my 02 Redfisher 16, what the diff between the 2 of them?

Let’s just say it was an very reasonable offer.

I really don’t know the exact difference between the two, other than length. 

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