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Expect The Unexpected


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Son his wife and grown daughter tooK the Pathy out shark fishing this morning and did not expect to catch this let alone what took place. GD hooked up and brought this boat side. Was unable to bring on board for photo shoot due to what followed. As son and wife were trying to release the monster, thru its head up and the bill nailed the top of my sons hand causing several puncture wounds and a good slash ripping into his skin. Wife use bolt cutters to cut the wire leader. Any day one the water is a GOOD DAY so they say.
On way to hospital for medical treatment. Left me to wash the boat and didn’t even get to go with them, how rude of them, LOL . 😀🙏 fin

Received call from son after leaving hospital. Soft tissue damage only. 😀


SAWFISH 7-8 footer






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15 hours ago, SCFD rtrd. said:

Wow, any stitches? In all the years I've fished SW Florida, I've never caught or seen a Sawfish. 

No stitches needed. Still having trouble closing hand. Interesting about the fish. For the last month I have had one under the dock at my condo and under the Pathy. It’s about 3’. Will try to photo it.

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