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Ice / Bait on the water Key Largo

jason p

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I only deal with the Italian Fisherman for ice & fuel and Gilbert's ice & fuel. Never picked up bait on the water.

However there is an individual on this site named Tarpon Terry (TT) who lived on the water in Blackwater sound for years and ran a charter service. He moved away a few years back to the Tampa area I believe for personal reasons, good guy and shared his knowledge. But he still lurks around on here every once and a while so if he sees your posting tittle he may respond and let you, well us know.

On shore I have been going to Capt. Bad right side of road going south the next mall past West marine. He is at the end of the mall, I think it is where the marine consignment is, he is at the other end. 

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5 hours ago, jason p said:

Blackwater Siren is the best IMO, been eating there for years, as I’m sure you know  they’ve perfected the jalapeño popper which is reason enough to eat there.

Yes sir, fresh Jalapeno's from homestead!

I know Jimmy the bartender at Blackwater Siren, been vacationing with him and his wife Julie ( who sells all the trinkets at Gilberts) next door at the Anchorage for almost 20 years now, good people and good eats!

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