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1-16-16 report


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It was just the wife and I so we picked up the boat and drove down int he thickest fog I have seen in a long time. It was really neat and I knew it would be flat out. We picked up about a dozen pins and headed out.



First stop was a wreck and as soon as we pulled up, so did some divers. Oh well, time to move right?

We trolled the edge with a ton of boats on all the wrecks. We only saw one person bend a rod only to watch them get cut off. I overheard them say cuda a little later. Decided to work a little deeper and head back so back on troll we went. The wife and I loved it as it was super relaxing but we could not buy a bite, Heard on the radio it was slow for everyone with just a fish here and a fish there being caught. In fact, it seemed that most were deep droping or bottom fishing.

So on the way back, I ran over a mound in 450 feet. I marked it and made a second p*** to make sure I wasn't seeing things. WHat do you all think?


I didn't have my electric reel with me so I will go back on another trip. It was in the middle of nowhere. WHat kind of fish do you all think might be hanging on it? Is it worth trying now since all but yellowedge grouper are closed? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Back at the docks.


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How fast were you going when you took the pic? Is the depth finder in standard non zoom view or zoom?

Im not a DD expert... heck not even an amateur but from what I understand those DD fish hang right down on the bottom. If there is a good current running there it could be the turbulence and or silt / sand kicking up off the bottom from the current.... if they are fish Im guessing AJ's

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