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Help!! Yamaha f250/ rpm question


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Hey guys,

Looking at purchasing a really clean 2008 24 TE. Boat has a 2008 Yamaha 250 four stroke motor with 1073 hours On it. On the print out the boat shows 745.5 of the hours were ran at less then 1000 rpms. My question is what could the previous owner been doing at Less then 1000 rpms??? I would think that idle is greater then 1000 rpms?? Also boat was kept and fished in freshwater mostly. Making a long drive for purchase and this is just stuck in my head.

Print out reads:

0-1000 = 745.5

1000-2000 = 143.2

2000-3000 = 18.8

3000-4000 = 155.1

4000-5000 = 10.6

5000-6000 = 0.4

6000-7000= 0.0

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Idle on the 06 f250 is 650+or-50rpms should be close to the 08. The operator probably didn't like to turn the engine off while fishing. Fishing saltwater far from shore I rarely turn my engine(s) off to keep batteries charged and not worry about being stranded. I would ask where he fished and see if it makes sense. Also if the engine was well maintained, that's not a lot of hours. Gov't and commercial captains put thousands of hours on the same engines. See it all the time. Hope you get a good deal. The way some owners believe their boats hold their value and don't depreciate makes me wish I had bought 22TE hulls instead of gold and silver and blue chip stocks. Good luck with your purchase.

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