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Old 27-foot Cobia: Almost no info


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I'm restoring/repowering an old Cobia (the title says it's a 1966 Cobia 27).  She's been sitting for about 6  or 7 years.  About 10 years ago, a previous owner pulled out the old IO's and added a really nice Stainless Marine outboard bracket.  He also redid the stringers and added a new custom 175 gallon fuel cell.  She looks really good underneath the deck. Pretty lines, huge 10' beam.  I'm sure there would be better choices out there for a project, but I just love this boat for some reason.  

Anyway- there is absolutely no information online about a 27-foot Cobia built in the late 60s-early 70s.  A helpful contributor at Fiberglassics dug up a page from a 1971 boat show program that is definitely the same boat (attached), but that's all I have. 

If there's anyone on the planet who knows anything about late 60s Cobias, I'd love to know more about this boat.  

One note: There's a badge on the port side bulkhead that says "Condor" on it.  I know Cobia made a line of boats with this model name, but I don't see any evidence of a 27.  Also, there's no Hull ID # on the hull, but there's an old plaque that says "SOUTHER FIBER GLASS PRODUCTS SANFORD, FL"  (and it lists a serial number). 

If anyone can offer anything on this, I'd greatly appreciate it. 









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Hi!  I'm not sure if anyone was interested in this or not, but I have been chipping away on my old Cobia project.  New coosa decks, new (to me outboard) going on probably next week, lots of sanding, cleaning, paint and fairing.  I'm plumbing in some better drainage, rewiring everything at the moment.  I'm still not planning on dropping her in until next Spring, but who knows?





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Thanks for posting your project !  Info on Cobia Boats is scarce prior to 2005. I did find an article from Iboats forum from 2007 that discusses the Southern Fiber Glass Products inc. being the company that turned into Cobia Boats..  I can’t paste the link but I googled ‘Southern Fiber Glass Products Cobia boats’ and the Iboats link was in the top 5 listings..

Good luck with the project and keep us posted !




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On 3/11/2022 at 5:32 PM, Bill Murray said:

Hi, we have a 1968 Cobia 24’ . My dad bought it used in 1972 and I have inherited it. We were dragged to the smelly boat factory in Florida in 1972 because my dad loved this boat so much. We have done lots of upgrades over the years. Love to chat about it.

Bill Murray, Stony Creek, CT

Awesome.  I'd love to see some pics!

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