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Ten Thousand Islands Fishing Report August 29

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Back on the water yesterday for another great day with my sidekick Mike (InTheSlot12), fishing this week from his Maverick HPX-V 18.  

We have been studying Genesis at our church for several months now.  Today’s visiting pastor, Alan Platt, taught about the blessings of God on Joseph and how we should receive God’s blessings.  “Blessing” is the bestowing of privilege, right, responsibility, or favor upon some portion of the creation, by God or by one whom he has blessed. In relation to humanity, to be blessed is to be one of God’s own people with all the benefits that brings: in other words, the blessing of God is His relational presence in a person’s life. Joseph received God’s blessing as a slave and a prisoner long before he received it as an Egyptian government official. So, our proper desire for God’s blessing needs to be enriched with a biblical understanding of the nature of divine blessing.   I’m so thankful for Scripture and for our Church.   I have often heard it said rather generically that the “blessed man” is a “happy man,” which suggests that “to bless” is approximately the same as “to make happy.”  

We were very happy on our way home yesterday evening.

Launching from Outdoor Resort and on the water by 0600.  We anticipated a good day in the backcountry, despite the heat and high-water temperatures.  The best solunar major period was 10:38 a.m. to 12:28 p.m. and with a low tide at 0900 and a high at 1:18 p.m. that meant we would have incoming water for several hours during that time.  Our hope was that this was help lower the water temp’s a bit.  

We fished the small islands, mangrove shorelines and points for the first part of the morning and did really well as the tide fell, but the bite really turned on just about on schedule—right around 10:30 a.m.  Mike’s casting ability has improved significantly over the past year or so and he connected on several fine fish after making accurate casts to spots alongside laydowns and other structure.  I spent most of the morning throwing topwater lures, and had really good luck with the Zara Spook, Jr.  The first big (over 30’) snook of the day came out of the mangroves like a laser to eat the bait 5 feet from the shore.  It was so cool to see that in the clear water.  Otherwise, the baits of choice were primarily white in color (though I caught a few on gold and black Slayer paddle tails)—GULP! Swimming Mullet and Z-Mann paddle tails on 1/8 oz. or ¼ oz. jigs.

For the day, we had over 30 snook including 3 that were over 30” (30”, 33” and 34”), one nice trout (unusual in the hot water temp’s), one dark copper colored red drum, a couple of jacks, 3 or 4 chunky goliath groupers and a couple mangrove snapper.  And, Mike closed out the day by putting another tarpon in the air for five or six jumps before she came unbuttoned (his second in two weeks).

BTW, we’re studying Genesis this year in Bible Study Fellowship.  Hit me up if you are interested in joining us on Monday nights (virtual for now).  IMG_2251.thumb.jpeg.d7f1806656de1512551672d001c0a07c.jpeg








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