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Sightfishing for bass and a lone redfish

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Went out yesterday and of course the weatherman was wrong. Forecasted for 4 mph northwest (b*** bedding area protected by nw wind), instead it blew 15 mph northeast making it really hard to see the b***.

Managed to get a couple and make a short video. For some reason while uploading the video it deleted the video of the other 2 b*** I got so I'll post a the photos.

The redfish is from the TBRT championship. We got on a school in the first 5 minutes and got a 32, 30, and this 27.01. The rest of the day was spent surrounded by fish that wouldn't eat. When we got to weigh in my fish was unfortunately about 1/4 of a millimeter over.

There are thousands of reds in the upper bay now but getting them to eat is extremely tough. A lot of us who have fished upper bay extensively think it is the increased boat pressure, or that's all we can blame it on.

When we were on the schooling fish in the morning we had 2 kayakers swarm us and we lost the school because of it. One kayaker pedaled as fast as he could past us and then cut in at the shoreline and was casting right next to my father. The other practically went over my buddies line while fighting a fish.




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I just said that we are fishing a tournament and to please give room, so he gave my dad 15 yards :D

I and my other partner were busy fighting fish so didnt get into it much more than that. The one was nice enough to get close enough so I could tell him in a regular voice instead of having to yell. Haha I usually don't get into it with people as its best to just leave or forget about it, the last tourney I actually did though. It made it better when all the tourney boats were at the ramp and the kid ran the no wake and pushed the boats into the docks. He got an ear full from all the other tourney guys for that

Thanks for compliments on fish.

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