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Top speed of Redfisher CAD hull?


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CAD is non lappy hulls.

The boat wont hit 60 with a 150, i dont know why a dealer would even try to claim that. And he says 50 with a 115? I dont even think the redfisher 16 with a 115 does that, and 35 hp will make it gain 10 mph?

Here are the performance bulletins with the regular 150 and 115, and the boats only have 1 battery, 1 person, medium fuel. As light as the boats will ever be



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I do not have one but if you had it rigged for speed and not fishing you might see those numbers on a good day.

The performance bulletin with the 115 is not a VF. A few hundred RPMs more might get you close to 50mph if a 115LB gets to 46.

The bulletin with the 150 is the older style cap. Just going off the weight in the bulletin the new hull is a lot lighter. Not sure if it is 6mph lighter.

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