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Any experience with 2 Power Poles on RF 16?


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Happy Labor Day weekend

I am considering adding (2) 6' or 8' Power Poles on a 2017 RF16 with a 115 Yamaha, bracket mounted on the jackplate.

Thought I would reach out to the forum to inquire experiences or insight related to the RF16 before I pull the trigger.  I don't think 2 poles are required to hold a hull of this size/weight.  But, it sure does help holding in position when at the dock or tight in a creek.  I run larger boats with both set-ups of only 1 pole and 2 poles.  To me, the real benefit of two poles is holding the directional position on a point, tight quarters, docks or holding position in strong winds/tides.  My experience with the other larger boats, is the two poles have minimal, if any, impact of performance.  But, this is a smaller hull with some sensitivity to weight distribution.

I'd rather not have the extra weight on the transom, so it becomes a trade off.  Do you think 2 poles will make that much of a difference in the draft, holeshot or effect running on plane?



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I had two power poles on my 17T Pathfinder...

I loved them and took them off when I sold it and put them on my MA17, 1995.

With one PP, you are always swinging with the current....when i had my Pathfinder, I had one 8 footer, I always had to drop a "stick it" sticker the side to hold in place.

To me, the extra few inches of draft, is well worth it when you want to stop and point into a creek or a spot in the mangroves...

2 for me for sure !!!




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