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Through hull transducer photo


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2000 PF 2200V. I recently purchased an endoscope camera to find a leak in my bilge area. While the camera was in there I came across what appears to be a through hull transducer. I'm guessing it came from the factory with this. Does anyone know who made the fishfinder for the PF 20 years ago. If I could get this transducer working it would be a big help.


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that is a true thruhull 

often you can find a tag on the wire that will give you the frequency of the transducer. 

transducers are like speakers and older ones loose quality as they age but if you find the end it may still work for simple readings while on plane

an advantage of new displays is the ability to have multiple transducers and the unit can work multiple frequencies. 

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Thank you for checking in on me. Since my last post I have moved forward quite a bit with this situation. I tried to contact Lowrance but their website kept referring me to their local dealer, which is West Marine in the town where I live. So I went and spoke with them. The electronic's guy felt that most likely, it was a Lowrance unit. However, he did not know of any current Lowrance fish finders that would connect to the 2 pin through hull transducer. He said for it to work I would have to replace the transducer and buy a Lowrance fishfinder/GPS unit and I would be looking at around $1000. Since West Marine is also a Garmin dealer, I asked about hooking up to my Garmin Echo 64cv. He said I would still have replace the transducer with a Garmin unit but that plus the adapter cable to connect to the echo 64cv would be $250. Now the Garmin through hole transducer is 2 3/8” which slightly larger than the 2” one currently in the boat so I will have to drill out a slightly larger hole, but hey, I need something to do this weekend. Overall I'm happy with the way things have worked out.

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I bought a Pathfinder 2200V in 1999 and it is as sound and in as good shape today as it was 21 years ago. there are no gel cracks, striations, loose console or leaning post screws, and the bilge pump is still working great. It also had a factory thru-the-hull Lowrance transducer installed in the bilge that I used with a Lowrance bottom machine until the screen burned out after 10 years of use. However after 21 years I don't think you'll find a 21st century high tech unit that would be compatible.

                       Good luck................................................an old fisherman


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