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Bait Well Q


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New member today so sorry if this is a repeat. Sold 2007 Pathfinder 2200 and am building a 2500 hybrid.  I do a lot of live bait fishing and the center aft 35 gallon well is not enough. The port and starboard aft wells seem too small. Interested in feedback on the well that goes behind the helm. Don’t see on the PF website how big it is and was curious on feedback on it, good or bad

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I'm not sure if it's the same livewell on the 2500, but I have a 2300 with the leaning post livewell. I believe it's another 35 gallons. You definitely want them to add a second pump. Mine only has one pump and I've had threads die pretty easily. The well in the back deck has two pumps and does a much better job at keeping finicky bait alive. 

The tackle drawer underneath the livewell is super convenient to have as well.

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