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September Fishing


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Fishing has been good, and then we got our first taste of cooler weather and it has been on fire ever since. There is no wrong way to catch them now from staking out with live bait, to covering water working shorelines, as well as chasing tailing fish in flooded grass. 



Large redfish can be found at most deep water holes and ledges near inlets. A large chunk of cut mullet or ladyfish seems to get their interest best. No preference on tide as long as water is moving.

Schools of fish are starting to show themselves working shallow banks near drains on the low tides, you can chase these fish along the bank and then up the feeder creeks for consistent action as the tide rises. I have been watching these schools chase shrimp along main river banks in water so shallow their backs are out. 

This is the best time of the year to find numbers of tailing fish on the flats, for fly tackle any crustacean pattern should work. If throwing spinning my go to is a weedless gulp shrimp. While the flats near main rivers have stayed active I am also starting notice more activity on flats off of creeks or higher up the rivers away from the inlets.


This is the time to bust our your favorite search bait and start covering water. Working along a main river shoreline with oysters on the bottom should produce numbers of fish. A paddle tail on a 1/4oz jig head worked at varying speeds is great for this type of fishing.







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