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PF 2400 TRS wash water getting into bilge

Texas T

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The compartments on the decks usually drain overboard. Almost any compartment in the floor drains to the bilge. You might also consider that when in the sling, the nose is up and the transom is down or that's the way it should be. This position keeps water from accumulating in the hull and adding weight to the boat while on the slings. So, any water in the hull drains back to the bilge and is pumped out.  

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On 9/27/2020 at 12:38 PM, Texas T said:

Where does the live well drain to? Must be bilge and I bet that's where water is finding it's way down there. I don't think the rear lids for live wells and storage have gaskets.

No no, the live-well does not drain to the bilge. It goes straight out of the hull or transom. The rear lids for live-wells and storage probably don't have gaskets, but they really don't need gaskets. The water that enters around the lids, is directed by a channel to the rear, then is drained out of the boat with hoses and thru-hull fittings. 

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