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Brake-Rite Electric Over Hydraulic on Ameratrail


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Has anyone done the conversion from surge brakes to electric over hydraulic on their Ameratrail? Specifically using the Titan Brake-Rite system? I just replaced all the old Tie-Down brake/hub junk with Kodiak stainless everything and got the Titan Brake-Rite II SD (severe duty) to replace my nonfunctional surge coupler but am running out of real estate on the tongue to mount the actuator, control module and twin battery boxes for the electric breakaway backup.  I even tried to see if I could use my spare tire mount as a platform but it wouldn't fit on the tongue between the new coupler and the trailer jack.


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56 minutes ago, SCFD rtrd. said:

What is the advantage of electric over hydraulic brakes on a boat trailer? 

You get rid of the surge actuator that Smilemaker mentions which eliminates the clunk when you accelerate or brake. More importantly, the trailer brakes get applied as soon as you apply the truck brakes - there's no time delay like with the surge brakes. The other plus is that the trailer brakes work while backing up, such as down the ramp when launching. And just another nice little plus is that you can bleed the brakes using your truck brake pedal or the emergency breakaway switch that activates the electric pump to pressurize the trailer brakes.

I had them on my previous trailer and once you've had them, you won't want to go back to surge brakes again.

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electric over hydraulic also have a blinker style switch for the driver to use the trailer brakes without engaging the car brakes. very useful for larger boats that can wag the dog. if I  were lucky enough to get a  25 hybrid or up it would have elctric over hydraulic  from the start.

only downside is it can be hard using other vehicles

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