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Cobia bay weight vs. Pathfinder weight


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I've been looking for the right Pathfinder 1900 or 2000 for a while now. In the process, I've come across a couple of Cobia 19 Bays. With equivalent age, power and condition, the Cobias are priced quite a bit lower than the Pathfinders, despite having what looks like a nearly identical hull and console.

I looked up the specs, and (at least according to NADA) the Cobia weighs 1,950 lbs. That's pretty heavy for a 19'4" bay boat. Weights for the 2000V and 1900V are kind of all over the map, from 2,315 lbs. for the 2000V according to NADA to 1,250 lbs. according to a Sport Fishing magazine review from years ago.

Does anybody happen to know the real dry hull weights of the three models: 1900V, 2000V, and Cobia 19 Bay? Running and static draft are important considerations for me.

Finally, I've seen the Cobia described as a price-point boat, implying it's somehow lower quality than the Pathfinder line. Is this just a perception, or are there actual differences in layup, assembly, components, etc?

Most of what I'm looking at is in the 2005 to 2010 range.

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I have a performance bulletin for the 20' from 6-19-07 its says dry weight is 1700lbs.  I almost boat a 21 bay back in 2012 but went with the pathy for resale purposes and the pathy had some interior stuff I prefferred..... it was a close call though and the cobia was really nice, I didnt notice any sacrifice in quality just differences in construction or build to bring costs down your not sacrificing quality just... to be clear this was a hull that was after MBG acquiring the brand... make sure you are aware Cobia hasnt always been owned by them

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I’m not familiar with the cobia but owned a 1900 for number of years. It’s kinda “stripped down” inside with no hatch liners or extra fluff and coupled with the huge beam, it will really impress you with draft of that’s what your concerned with. I imagine the 20 is close, but prob weighs a good bit more. I know my 22 was noticeably heavier than the 19. 

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