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New 22 TRS is here!


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A couple more pics from today...put a couple more hours on it breaking it in and Opened her up to see what she’d do. Extremely impressed with the performance. 
was supposed to get a HS 4 blade 21 p but it was not in so they put a sws 15x19...the standard 3 blade, I was not expecting what I saw! Conditions were 15 knots in the bay , found some flat water in the lee and did some tests. 2 guys and full center bait well. 1/2 tank fuel. Stats!

3500 : 30mph       4000: 35 mph   4500: 40 mph   5000: 45 mph  

full throttle/trimmed up 5 bars ( jackplate down ) I saw 5800 and 53 mph!

Shocked to get that.....especially wit  a T Top   I guess I’ll be keeping the 3 blade!





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7 minutes ago, smilemaker said:

that sounds about right

the 4 blade will put you down to 50 but if you pull tubes and skiers you will need the 4 blade. alsoyou will get aggravated with blow outs in moderate turns.

always nice to have speed but the 4 blade may be a better all around prop

I agree, but the HS 4 blade 21p that the OP was originally planning to use is obviously the wrong prop for his rig (unless the 200 SHO is Re-Flashed to 320 HP) 😉, but that opens up a whole new conversation and list of prop choices.   The correct 4-blade for the current setup would be something more like the Yamaha Ultima 17 pitch.

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Trust me you can pull tubes or load the boat for fishing and run the three blade if it’s the correct three blade that is. It sounds like yours is spot on. I ran a 19 pitch merc. Enertia and a 21 tempest plus on my 200. As I mentioned in my first reply on this topic. Plus 50mph all day long with t top just like the OP. 
 That SHO will spool up and pull any water sports apparatus you hook to it. 

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A four blade like the HS4 ( I run one for years on mine ) will do better at slow speed and it tight turns, like you might see pulling tubes. I was running a river pass every weekend and I could run faster with the HS4 through the bends and get where I was going faster even though the boat over all was slower. The three blade will be a good all around prop and will be faster  (although my current four blade is faster than my three blade) but that's another story. 

I believe you are running Biscayne Bay ??   A three blade will serve you well.  How's the fishing there, I have not ventured over there is many years. I grew up stomping around those waters.

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