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What year and mod is this boat?


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Hi Folks, I am from Alabama and wanted a boat I could spend the weekend on the lake on. I found this boat at a local salvage yard. I work with composits and saw it was a pretty easy fix. I got it not knowing the salvage yard had no record of what it was.

All I have to go on is the wheel says Cobia. It has no HIN so I know it's pre 1972, I dare say by it's condition and style it may be late 60's If any one can tell me the modle and year I would be so happy. It's not a registration problem in Alabama, all I need is my bill of sale. I want to know for my sake what she is.


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I found out it was a 1968 Orlando Clipper 21.

Very little info on these boats out there.

Had to speak to some old O.C plant workers to get any info.

It took a good 200 to 300 Hr's but it was fun.

Thanks for the help folks.



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