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Where to mount TM on RF19


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I am struggling to find the best place to mount my Xi5 on my 19' redfisher. The previous MG mounts where perfect but the new design motor won't allow for similar placement. It needs to hang off the bow to deploy it seems. I have tried bringing the mount closer to the bow but I am afraid I won't be able to reach the bolts through the anchor access with a wrench to tighten them. Here are a few layouts I tried. Im really not happy with any of them as they all block some hatch. If I angle it more similarly to the hold mounts (dust stains) then the head hangs off the boat abut 8". Any ideas would be much appreciated it. I am using the quick disconnect so it will be easy to take on and off. No comments on the dirty boat, she needs a bath.




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I had similar struggles on my 18MA. Do you plan to use the quick release mount? If so, The mounting puck is not centered on release mount. So I turned the mount 180 to be able to catch the backing plate in the deck. To do this I had to re-drill the mount to align with the motor. No biggie!

Not sure if your boat has a backing plate, but if it does you can drill and tap rather than use nuts. This is how I did it, there was no way to reach nuts. If no backing plate consider using marine toggle bolts.


Sorry but I don't any of the layouts you have in the pics.

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[image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1454529393-Mav26.jpg[/image] Doesn’t your front anchor compartment open to the hull? I used a piece of broom handle and taped 7/16 box end wrench then a piece of tape to hold the aviation nut while your buddy turns screw.


http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1454529393-Mav26.jpg[/image] [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1454529418-Mav32.jpg[/image]



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