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Possible warped hatch or not aligned?


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Lay a straight edge across the top, like a 4’ level or something similar, you’ll see it right away. Cant tell for sure but it looks like it’s running laterally, if so, it may be flat and sticking up on the ends because the deck is slightly convex to facilitate draining. It does look kind of jacked though. 

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Seems like you should not have to take it apart if it is a new boat, might even be an issue for warranty consideration , if needed.

Is it warped when unlatched, or is the center latch having to be forced down when latching?

Hinges or shock are not going to make the two sides stick up equally, gasket and/or center latch could. Or the hatch just does not match the contour of the deck.

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If the latch was tight enough to bend that hatch like that I don’t think you’ll be able to close it, the latch that is. Just open the latch with the hatch closed, that will answer to the “latch” question. If the hinges are misaligned, I’m sure they are, they’re at where their at, it’s not like they’re adjustable. Well not without some fiberglass work. I would just see if the thing is bent, if it is, call the dealer, it’s a year old. 

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Update: Front lid is definitely warped. Put level underneath and you can see the obvious gap. 




I thought it would be a good idea to check the others and unfortunately the port live well had a similar problem. Not as bad but noticeably higher that the starboard rear lid which was perfect. My dealer was awesome, ordered replacements the same day and have scheduled to have have them replaced when I do my20 hour service. I’m wondering what causes the uneven layup though? Have had the boat out a couple times and am amazed at the performance, it’s fast than my old 2008 22TE  which had no t top and 50 more hp. Better performance all thru the range I can do 40mph and get 3 mpg. Top speed is 53 at 5800rpm. 

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