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Trolling Motor Batteries under console


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1 minute ago, Buster said:

I have an 03 redfisher 18 with 2 trolling motor batteries under console that need to be replaced. Would it be easier to unscrew console and tilt toward the side or try to go through the little door and remove shelf to access batteries?

Depends on how strong you are and if there are little ears around. Really tight fit. Take cushions off if you just lift the lid, i string a rope around the lid to the steering wheel to keep it open. What batteries are you replacing with?

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I took my shelf completely out to move my batteries to the console. If you have two batteries and a shelf I’m impressed. 
 I did get my batteries in the console without tilting it though. My console has the little flip up seat. I think I slid Both batteries from the front. 

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17 hours ago, polliwog said:

How long do the AGMs last vs wet cell regular batteries?  AGMs are a premium in price for sure. Just bgt for a classic sports car with a pain to get to battery position.

I use the sealed wet cell batteries (no adding water). If I keep a maintainer on them they are good for 3-4yrs. Can get them from SAMS for a small amount more than regular lead acid batteries. AGM are much more so I havent used them. 

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I had a 03 redfisher and if my memory serves i was able to fit two series 27 under the front console.

as mentioned, remove the shelf and you can push them forward up under the seat.

The wet cell (type you fill) will produce large amounts of sulfur fumes when charging.

Go AGM.  AGMS' when properly maintained,  e.g. charge after each use, will last 4-6 years (that's what I get) - I have only used DEKA batteries in the last 17 years of owning a flats skiff.


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