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PowerTech CFF4


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Is anyone running a PTech CFF4 on the smaller outboards (140hp and under)? I've been doing a lot of prop testing on a friend's boat this past week and it's got me thinking I can tweak more performance out of my tunnel hull 1900. I'm not looking for increase in mph, but overall better grip, acceleration, etc. I'm currently running a PTech PTR4 20in that Marcus suggested. It's a great set up, and I get right to the rev limit with best speed at 43mph. I've just got the itch to tune it better......

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2 hours ago, Chief5130 said:

Do you have a contact number for Marcus?

I do.  Marcus has never propped my boat/engine combination until I called him about a prop for my new Suzuki. I was hoping to hear some real world experience from owners here.  Ken at PropGods answered a private message from me earlier, so I’ve got an idea where to go with this. Again, I’d like to hear from someone running the coastal flats prop though. 

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