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SOLD SOLD SOLD Simrad 12 NSS evo3S: Brand New $3,000 (Retail Price $3,999)

Big Dave

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This is the new model. NSS evo3S is a mid-life update to the NNS evo3S. The key difference is a next generation processor. This greatly improves the speed and smoothness of the display. The NNS evo3S is already a feature packed product and the new processor in the NNS evo3S means that each one of those features is now improved.NSS12 evo3S features a high-definition 12-inch display that delivers big-picture views of charts, radar, sonar, and more under all conditions. Featuring the new iMX 8 high-performance processor, with superfast response times, you have control of an unprecedented level of built-in functionality, ultra-wide viewing angles, and reliable touch or keypad operation. Includes preloaded C-MAP® charts. 

Package Includes

  • NSS12 evo3S Multifunction Display
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Dash Mount Kit
  • Edge Bezels
  • Sun Cover
  • Power Cable


  • Includes C-MAP US Enhanced Preloaded Maps with Coastal and Inland Coverage
  • Easy to use software and full keypad for simple and precise control in any sea conditions
  • Connects to Simrad's premium network modules for the ultimate offshore performance
  • Integrates with Simrad premium Instrument systems
  • Direct Audio and Simrad Pilot control
  • Low Profile glass dash styling
  • Built in Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Software update notifications and downloads when connected to the internet
    • Screen mirroring when connected to a mobile device
  • Built in high sensitivity 10 Hz GPS antenna
  • Dual Micro SD card slots
  • Multi-touch screen and keypad hybrid control
    • Full control of your vessel at your fingertips
    • The super responsive touchscreen makes route planning and adjusting settings a breeze
    • Full keypad control with both rotary dial and arrow keys means that when conditions get rough you have something physical to hold on to
  • The NNS evo3S features the brand new iMX8 processor that allows for twice the performance of the previous generation processor. The key benefits a user will see from the new processor are:
    • Faster page changes: Page loading times have been halved
    • Smoother transitions: Movements on the screen like chart rotation and panning is much smoother, really capturing the premium experience of the Simrad brand
    • Multi-tasking: With such an increase in power NNS evo3S can multi-task like no product before it
  • SolarMAX HD® IPS Display TechnologyNNS evo3S:
    • Ultra-wide viewing angles for excellent viewability from any angle on the boat (>80 degrees up/down/left/right)
    • High resolutions for best on-screen detail
    • High brightness LED backlight and antireflective coating for ultimate bright sunlight viewing
    • Very high display operating temperatures for reliable operation in the most harsh boating locations
    • Multi-touch screen for simple, intuitive software control
    • Optical bonding for zero chance of display fogging
    • Oleophobic coating for easy removal of fingerprints
  • Built-in Advanced Sonar with the ability to connect two transducers to one display, allowing for Dual Channel CHIRP. Built-in functionality includes:
    • 1kW Broadband: 50 / 83 / 200kHz
    • 1kW CHIRP: Low/Medium/High
    • Active Imaging 3-in-1
    • ForwardScan™ and side scan imaging when connected with compatible transducers
    • For even more sonar performance you can connect one of the following external sonar modules:
      • StructureScan 3D: Sidescan, Downscan and 3D sonar
      • S5100: Three sonar channels with up to 3kW power output
  • NNS evo3 to NNS evo3S upgrade has never been simpler
    • All product dimensions are identical
    • Connectors are all identical
    • Screw holes are identical for dash mounting
    • Bracket is identical for bracket mounting

DM me with questions or if you are interested in buying. Thanks for looking.

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