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Coach L

Coach L.

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On 10/20/2020 at 2:30 PM, Coach L. said:

Presently In the market for a 2021 redfisher 21. My question is engine size. The minimum size yamaha i would buy would be a 250hp.  Is a 300 overkill or better for resale and performance.? would love some feedback. Thanks

From what I gather, the F300 and the VF250 SHO have the same horsepower.  I would say - the least expensive 25" shaft model of the two, would be the right choice.  Personally, I like the SHO color combo better.  😊

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Mine is a 2018 Hewes Redfisher with a 115 Yamaha SHO and has plenty of power! I’ve seen the new changes they have made and their great. Especially the seat cushion! On mine you need to pull the seat cover towards you to get to the storage compartment. I know this sounds trivial but I was waiting in line for my trailer and turned around to get in the compartment to get my keys and my left cheek hit the throttle and needless to say I saw my life flash before my eyes as my boat launched itself. Only by the grace of God I didn’t hit anything!

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